Our story

Britain’s wildlife is suffering – one in 10 UK wildlife species are under threat of extinction, the number of hedgehogs has halved since 2000, and 35 species of bee are under threat of extinction.

All this has been caused by humans. Roads, building and intensive farming are destroying our wild places.

So we decided to do something about it.

That’s where Ecotalk was born – a mobile phone service with a green outcome.

We use the money from our customers’ phone bills to buy land which we give back to nature. But don’t just take our word for it – here are some of our projects…..

Lynch Knoll

The idea of giving land back to nature started back in 2004, when we bought a 40-acre site at Lynch Knoll in Gloucestershire.

The plan was to do what we could to let the land run wild to make it the best possible habitat for nature. There had been 20 acres of ancient woodland which had been felled, so we planted 20,000 trees to reinstate that, and we left the other half of the land to let nature take its course.

It worked – over the last 15 years a variety of animals have moved in, including deer, badgers, foxes, mice and voles, along with birds of prey like kestrels. We’ve also seen an increase in bees and other pollinators.

There’s still lots to do to encourage greater biodiversity and help the land recover from years of intensive agriculture, but our work atLynch Knoll has inspired us to give more land back to nature and create more habitats.That’s where our friends at the RSPB came in…..

Fairburn Tips – giving nature a home

We worked in partnership with the RSPB and major backer Biffa Award to secure the purchase of part of a nature reserve that was facing a pretty uncertain future.

Fairburn Tips is part of the RSPB's Fairburn Ings reserve in Yorkshire that risked falling into the hands of developers. But alongside Biffa Award, we were able to further contribute to make sure that it can continue to be a home to a variety of species.

Fairburn used to be a coal mining area, and the area has been restored to create grassland, woodland and even lagoons.

There are lots of species there already, including breeding bittern, black-necked grebe and bearded tit, little egret, grey heron and cormorant, as well as yellowhammer, grey partridge, cuckoo and linnet. In winter you can find barn owls and short-eared owls and other birds of prey. Thanks to all the funding, the site can continue to protect these animals, as well as encouraging more species to make a home at Fairburn Tips.

And the best part is that we used the money from Ecotalk customers’ phone bills to help contribute to the purchase.

So every time an Ecotalk customer makes a call, send a text or uses their data, they are helping to give land back to nature.

Fairburn Tips