4G explained

Ecotalk 4G – faster, more reliable and all round better data

We already use the fastest 3G network in the UK. 

4G provides greater download speeds and reduces the latency (the time it takes to load) for things like real time gaming. 

For most of the stuff you do on your phone, you won’t actually need 4G. 

For things like Facebook, YouTube, email, Twitter and general browsing, 1mbps is sufficient.

We don’t think you should have to pay extra for 4G, so it's included in all of our bundles.

We automatically enable 4G on Ecotalk SIMs, so you just need a 4G ready device to use it.

How can I get 4G?

To ensure you can use 4G data when it’s available, you’ll need a 4G ready device. You’ll also need to make sure you’ve downloaded all the latest software updates on your device. When you're in a 4G area, you should see the symbol displayed at the top of your device screen.