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Using your mobile abroad

International roaming is automatically activated whenever you use your Ecotalk phone abroad. 

If you have any problems using your phone internationally, just call us on +44 1453 761 500 from an alternative phone, we’re open Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5pm - alternatively please email us at home@ecotalk.co.uk – we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Roaming in Europe

When roaming in Europe (this covers voice calls, SMS and data services), you’ll be charged £2 per day to use your bundle allowance.

You can find a list of the countries where this applies in our price guide . These include all countries listed in Zone 1.

Calling & texting abroad

To make a call or send a text message when you're abroad, you'll need to replace the first digit (which is normally a ‘0’) with a ‘+’ symbol, followed by the country calling code, then enter the rest of the number as normal.

For example, if you're calling or texting the UK, the country code is +44, so you should type this followed by the rest of the number, without the first zero. Be aware that calls, text messages and data used abroad will be charged outside of your normal monthly allowance, unless you’re travelling in a ‘roam like at home’ destination.

To find out how much it costs to use your handset abroad,  check our prices here .

Checking voicemail abroad

If you want to use voicemail when you're abroad, you'll need to make sure that you've set up a voicemail security PIN before you go away.

To listen to your voicemail abroad:

  • Dial


    +44 7870 020 555

  • Enter your Access Code

  • In some countries, you may be asked for your Ecotalk phone number and Access Code

All missed calls are automatically diverted to your voicemail for free when you're abroad

Standard roaming charges will apply for listening to your voicemail messages abroad, unless you’re travelling in a ‘roam like at home’ destination.

To find out how much it costs to use voicemail abroad, check our prices here .

Using the internet abroad

You may need to activate roaming on your handset. This can vary between handsets. If you have a smartphone, you should find the option to enable/disable ‘Data Roaming’ within ‘Settings’. If you want to use the internet abroad but don't have access to Wi-Fi, you need to ensure this is enabled.

If you connect to Wi-Fi while you're abroad, just like Wi-Fi at home, it won't cost you anything as you’re not using data over our network. However, just be careful of Wi-Fi that charges you for access as this can sometimes be expensive abroad.

If you’re travelling in a ‘roam like at home’ destination, then any data you use will be included in your UK data allowance. If you exceed this allowance, you’ll then be charged at out of bundle rates. To find out how much it costs to use data abroad, check our prices here .

Contacting us when you're abroad

Here are some important contact details for you when you're abroad:

Call us on: +44 1453 761 500 (standard roaming rates apply)
Voicemail: +44 7870 020 555 (standard roaming rates apply)
Local emergency services: 112 in Europe, 911 in USA and Canada.

Remember, you'll need to add international dialling codes to any numbers you use. Always put a ‘+’ symbol in front of the number you're calling, followed by the country code. Also, take off the first digit from the area code, which is usually '0'.

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