Unlock your phone

At Ecotalk, you get simple SIM only 30 day rolling contracts. 

We don’t sell devices at the moment, so you may have to get your current phone unlocked before you can use it with your Ecotalk SIM.

That’s easy to do though. 

Just contact your old network provider and ask for an unlocking code. You might find that your provider calls it a ‘Depersonalisation Control Key’ (DCK) or ‘Network Unlock Code’ (NUC). 

Some providers have a set of requirements that need to be met before your device can be unlocked. 

These can include:

  • An active account with your previous supplier for a fixed period of time (usually six months)
  • No issues with your IMEI (a unique identifier for your device) – this might happen if the device is registered as lost or stolen
  • No outstanding balance on your account if you're a pay monthly customer
  • Paying an admin fee to your home network (this depends on the network)

Your old provider should give you some instructions to confirm your device is unlocked. 

If you have any problems using your new Ecotalk SIM just give us a call on 0333 800 5500.