Premium Services

Premium rate services are often more expensive than regular calls and texts. If you use a premium rate service, you’ll be charged for these on top of your regular bill. 

They can be voice, text, video or picture messages, and generally begin with 09, 118, 0871, 0872 and 0873. Typical services include TV vote lines, ringtones, chat, charitable fund-raising, sports results and directory enquiry services.

You can bar calls to 09 numbers and also stop receiving chargeable text messages – just give us a call and we can sort that for you. We can also let you know how much it costs to dial a specific number.

You currently can’t call or text mobile short codes or 118 numbers on Ecotalk.

Mobile short code numbers can be used to enter competitions by text, to give to charity, or to download mobile games (etc.). These are five to six digit numbers and are charged at a premium rate. Directory enquiry services are six-digit numbers beginning with ‘118’.