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How does a credit limit work?

Your credit limit acts as a kind of buffer to stop you from ending up with a really expensive phone bill. 

For example, with a £50 credit limit, once you’ve used up your standard monthly allowance of minutes, texts and data, you’ll have £50 more to spend before your services are suspended. 

If you have any minutes, texts or data allowances left when your credit limit is reached, you’ll still be able to use them.

Your allowances will refresh each month.


What is my credit limit?

From October 2018, new Ecotalk customers have a maximum credit limit of £50 as standard. If you’d rather have a lower credit limit than this, just get in touch with us.

If you’d like to increase your credit limit to above £50, we may have to complete a credit check before we can do this. 


How can I change my credit limit?

When a new customer joins Ecotalk, their credit limit is set at £50 as standard. If you’d rather it was less than £50, we can change that for you when you join.  

Any Ecotalk customers who want to adjust their credit limit can do so at anytime - just give us a call on 0333 800 5500 or email  home@ecotalk.co.uk .

When we change your credit limit, we’ll send you a text message to confirm the new credit limit value.


What happens if I use all of my credit limit?

If you use all of your credit limit and your services are suspended, you’ll need to contact us to reactivate your services.

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