Use your mobile to make space for nature with Ecotalk + RSPB

Express readers can help make room for nature, and put their smartphone to good use, simply by switching to the new sustainable mobile provider, Ecotalk + RSPB. If you are currently on a contract with another phone provider, don’t worry, you can register your interest and give us some details and our team will contact you when your contract is coming to an end.

If just 5000 readers move to the green mobile provider, we will be able to help fund a new nature reserve in the heart of the New Forest, the plot of land, known as Horse Common will be transformed into a wildlife haven.

To help kickstart the fundraiser, Dale Vince – co-founder of the Green Britain campaign is donating £5000 towards the project. 


  Switch your SIM and save nature


Dale discussing nature and how it plays a vital part in our environment

Ecotalk + RSPB is recognised by Ethical Consumer as a “Best Buy” for its low cost tariffs and unrivalled national coverage, thanks to its use of the EE network.

As well as donating all profits to RSPB, we are also the only zero carbon mobile provider - ensuring 100% renewable energy matches your use. Switching your service takes just five minutes and you can keep your current mobile number. 

Once the Express’ fundraising target for Horse Common has been hit, RSPB will continue to use 100% of Ecotalk + RSPB profits to fund a further land purchase.

Horse Common – the appeal will restore one of the oldest forests in Britain.

Today, the former heathland is predominantly a conifer forest. Planted in 1970s, this forest is strangling the few remaining mature oaks. This lack of diversity means there are few species on the site right now and if we don’t act soon, this site’s biodiversity could be harmed beyond repair.

RSPB Volunteer at Horse Common

The New Forest is one of the few surviving Royal Forests and has been around since the time of William the Conqueror. Florence Nightingale & Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once called the Forest their home.


Switch your SIM and save nature