Pollinator Promise

Britain’s pollinating insects such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies are in decline – creatures that are vital to pollinating the crops that feed us.

We’re working with Buglife to call on the nation to stand up and defend Britain’s bees!

We’ve got  six simple things you can do to help protect our bees . Choose one, and make the  Pollinator Promise  today!

Together we can put the bee back in Britain.


Buglife is actively working to save the UK’s invertebrates – that is, our small animals – from bees to beetles, jumping spiders to jellyfish. The decline in pollinators (bumblebees, hoverflies, moths, butterflies and beetles) is a major concern across the world, because we depend on these insects for large amounts of our food.

Buglife is leading the way in pollinator conservation across the UK, creating and restoring wildflower-rich habitats, enthusing and supporting local communities to take action, and campaigning for bans on damaging pesticides.

Buglife is delighted to be partnering with Ecotalk to promote and increase action for pollinators.


Buglife’s flagship pollinator programme is the award winning B-Lines.

Buglife is working with local communities, land owners, farmers, schools and businesses to develop a network of wildflower-rich areas across the UK. 

The B-Lines will link together our natural wildflower-rich areas, providing more food (pollen and nectar) for pollinators, and also helping them to move more easily around our countryside and towns.

Over the last year Buglife has partnered with Ecotricity to provide pollinator advice and guidance across Sussex, and now the new partnership with Ecotalk will do the same thing across the entire country. Ecotalk’s plans to buy land will provide key stepping stones of pollinator habitats within the B-Lines network.

Make the Pollinator Promise to do your bit for Britain’s pollinators, and visit Buglife’s  website  to see what else you can do to help.

Make the Pollinator Promise today