About Us

Ecotalk is a new kind of mobile phone service. Our call, text and data services will be powered by 100% green energy from the wind and sun, making it a uniquely green mobile phone service. We think this will be the first of its kind in Britain, if not the world.

And we use the money we make from customer bills to buy land to give back to nature

That’s a pretty radical new idea – buying farmland and simply letting it run wild, making homes for bees and other wildlife. It’s not just about preserving wildlife habitats, it’s about creating new ones. Our focus is bees, because by creating new habitats for bees, all nature will benefit. 

So each time you use your phone on Ecotalk, you’ll be helping us ‘put the bee back in Britain’.


Giving land back to nature – our first Ecopark

In 2004 we bought a 40 acre site at Lynch Knoll near Stroud, Gloucestershire. The bottom 20 acres comprised ancient woodland that had been felled in modern times and the top 20 acres were used for grazing. We planted 20,000 trees to reinstate the woodland and let the rest run wild. This is the essence of our idea to buy land and give it back to nature.

Bee on a flower
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Ecotalk is the brainchild of Ecotricity, the world’s first green energy company. Green energy from Ecotricity powers all your calls, texts and data.

We share our parent company’s values – we’re green, ethical, and we pursue outcomes other than profit.


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Visit the Ecotricity site to find out more 

We're following that model - except we're using the money from our customers' bills to create habitats for bees and other wildlife - we're calling it 'putting the bee back in Britain'. 

Ecotricity do quite a lot of great things actually. They're the greenest energy company in Britain - and introduced both green electricity and green gas to Britain. Their customer service is awesome. And they operate an ethical pricing policy, which means all of their customers get the same latest best price, no matter or when they joined.